Nintendo Switch


Crocalor evolves into Skeledirge.

  • CategorySinger Pokémon
  • TypeFire/Ghost
  • Height1.6 m
  • Weight326.5 kg
  • AbilityBlaze

Its Powerful Voice Soothes All Who Hear​

Skeledirge is a busybody with a caring personality. Its gentle but powerful singing voice is filled with vitality, and it soothes the hearts of all who hear it. Foes that hear Skeledirge sing are left with feelings of warmth and fulfilment, thus losing their will to battle.​


An Independent Fireball Spirit

Skeledirge gained its Ghost-type powers due to the influence of the soul inhabiting its fireball. The soul in the fireball is independent, and it can change its form via the power of Skeledirge’s singing voice.