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Scream Tail

Scream Tail

Scream Tail is one of the mysterious Pokémon you can meet in Pokémon Scarlet.

  • CategoryParadox Pokémon
  • TypeFairy/Psychic
  • Height1.2 m
  • Weight8 kg
  • AbilityProtosynthesis
Scream Tail

Thought to Be a Jigglypuff That Lived in Ancient Times

It is written in a suspicious magazine* that Scream Tail has reportedly been sighted in a Paldean forest. This Pokémon shares Jigglypuff’s endearing puffball appearance, but its ferocious aggression leads it to attack anyone who comes near. Its primitive looks and savage nature have prompted rumours that it could be a Jigglypuff as it would have existed a billion years ago.​

*This information is written in a paranormal magazine kept at the academy. Its validity is not verified.