Nintendo Switch


Floragato evolves into Meowscarada.

  • CategoryMagician Pokémon
  • TypeGrass/Dark
  • Height1.5 m
  • Weight31.2 kg
  • AbilityOvergrow

Flower Bombs Catch Opponents Off Guard Like Magic

The leaf that was growing from the base of Floragato’s neck has become a cape. Meowscarada uses the fur lining its cape to reflect and scatter light, thus camouflaging the stem of its flower bomb and making it look like the flower bomb is floating in midair. Furthermore, Meowscarada can attach its pollen-packed flower bombs to various surfaces and choose when to set them off. With skilful misdirection, Meowscarada rigs foes with flower bombs and sets them off before foes realise what’s going on.​


Strong Attachment to Its Trainer​

Meowscarada is prideful and likes to show off, but it’s also sensitive. This jealous Pokémon will often display strong attachment to its Trainer, and its mood will sour if it sees another Pokémon getting their attention.