Nintendo Switch


Quaxwell evolves into Quaquaval.

  • CategoryDancer Pokémon
  • TypeWater/Fighting
  • Height5'11"
  • Weight136.5 lbs.
  • AbilityTorrent

It Slashes at Opponents with Its Decorative Water Feathers

The strength of Quaquaval’s well-trained legs is incredible. With a light kick, this Pokémon can flip a truck. During battle, large decorative water feathers spray like a fountain from organs at the tips of its tail feathers, and it swings these water feathers around to slash through opponents like a water-jet cutter.​


Cheerful and Always Breaking Out into Dance...But It Still Has Its Stoicism

Quaquaval is cheerful and energetic, and no matter the situation, it will shake its entire body in dances that evoke far-off places. On the other hand, it is very serious about consistently polishing its skills, and during critical moments, it shows a level of concentration that would amaze onlookers.​