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Koraidon and Miraidon grace the covers of Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, respectively.

  • CategoryParadox Pokémon
  • TypeElectric/Dragon
  • Height11'6"
  • Weight529.1 lbs.
  • AbilityHadron Engine

Miraidon is a Legendary Pokémon you can meet in Pokémon Violet.


Keen Observation and Insight Let Miraidon Get a Read on Those It Encounters

Though Miraidon seems accustomed to humans, it chooses its company carefully by using its powers of observation and insight to discern a person’s character.

It has a calm and collected disposition. In battle, it anticipates its opponents’ moves and hits them where they’re weak.

Changes in Miraidon’s facial expressions are slight, only visible in the shape and color of its eyes. The robotic nature of Miraidon’s facial expressions will likely make it difficult to perceive the subtleties of what Miraidon is feeling.​


Pressuring Opponents as It Floats in Ultimate Mode

In Ultimate Mode, Miraidon floats in the air, maintaining an advantageous position over ground-bound opponents.

Its claw and fang attacks are electrically charged, and when Miraidon slams its tail, it can use the energy generated in its internal organs to knock out even the sturdiest of enemies in one hit.​

Miraidon’s Ability: Hadron Engine

Miraidon’s Hadron Engine is an Ability being introduced in Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet. Miraidon turns the ground into Electric Terrain when it enters a battle. While Electric Terrain is active, Miraidon’s Special Attack is boosted.​

Miraidon’s Hadron Engine

New Move: Electro Drift​

Electro Drift is an Electric-type special move that Miraidon can learn. Miraidon spins and races forward, zigzagging like a lightning bolt, and hits its opponent with a large electric blast. This move’s power is boosted more than usual if it’s a supereffective hit.​

Electro Drift
Electro Drift
Electro Drift