Nintendo Switch


Lechonk is one of the Pokémon used by Nemona, your friend.

  • CategoryHog Pokémon
  • TypeNormal
  • Height1'8"
  • Weight22.5 lbs.
  • AbilityAroma Veil / Gluttony

A Gourmand with an Excellent Nose

Lechonk uses its sense of smell to find and eat only the most fragrant wild grasses and the richest Berries. As a result of its dining habits, it has come to radiate an aroma resembling herbs that bug Pokémon dislike.

Timid and Fainthearted—but Also Strong

If attacked by an opponent and startled, it will charge forward in a panic. It may appear fat at first glance, but in reality, the Pokémon’s body is mostly muscle built by constantly walking around in search of food.