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Iron Treads

Iron Treads

Iron Treads is one of the mysterious Pokémon you can meet in Pokémon Violet.

  • CategoryParadox Pokémon
  • TypeGround/Steel
  • Height2'11"
  • Weight529.1 lbs.
  • AbilityQuark Drive
Iron Treads

Thought to Be an Alien Weapon

A suspicious magazine* says that sightings of Iron Treads have been reported in one arid corner of Paldea. The magazine article also talks about Iron Treads’s ability to suddenly assume a spherical shape and launch into a swift rolling attack. Further mentioned are rumors that Iron Treads may be a weapon made from alien technology—though no one knows for sure.​

*This information is written in a paranormal magazine kept at the academy. Its validity is not verified.