Nintendo Switch

The Story Unfolds the Way You Want It To

Weave three grand stories into your adventure as you meet Pokémon you’ve never seen and unique characters. These titles have the hallmark Pokémon story of going to Gyms and aiming to become a Champion, but there is no set path, so you can go to whichever Gym you want to challenge in the order you desire.

Furthermore, there are two other grand stories besides your pursuit of becoming a Champion, and many trials and tribulations await you in those stories as well. Please look forward to finding out what kinds of stories they are.

Furthermore, you can freely go back and forth between all three stories, allowing your adventure to develop in the way you want it to. Some may want to reach the rank of Champion and rush through the Gyms, while others might want to adventure at their leisure—at times searching for Pokémon or meeting all sorts of people. Everybody can experience the game the way they want to. Being able to make your very own story is one of the hallmarks of Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet.

Gameplay screenshot, exterior of Pokémon Gym building.
Gameplay screenshot, close-up of Team Star Starmobile.
Gameplay screenshot, Arven and player character looking at bright pink-colored plant.

Aim for the Champion Rank!

The Paldea region has a Pokémon League and a special class of pro-rank Pokémon Trainers who have achieved the Champion Rank. These Trainers have grown with their Pokémon to be able to dazzle audiences with their skills in battle.

There are facilities called Pokémon Gyms in many towns, and the leaders of these Gyms are awaiting the challenge of Trainers like you and your friends.

There is no set path to the Gyms. You can purposefully seek out a stronger Gym Leader, or you can simply stop by a Gym that happens to be located in a town you came across on your journey. This time, you get to plot your very own path along Victory Road.

If you beat all eight Gyms spread across the region and collect their Gym Badges, you will be able to take on a special test called the Champion Assessment. If you successfully pass the assessment, your strength will be acknowledged and you will be given the Champion Rank, making you an object of admiration for other Trainers.

Polish your skills with many Pokémon and Trainers, and aim for the glorious Champion Rank!

Gameplay screenshot, close-up of Pokémon Gym building exterior.
Gameplay screenshot, view from above of an ice-covered Pokémon battle stadium.
Gameplay screenshot, close-up of Nemona with her speech bubble reading "You have to prove yourself to the Pokémon League to officially get the title of Champion."
Gameplay screenshot, Lucario standing on an ice-covered Pokémon battle stadium with player character and onlookers behind them in the background.

Gym Leader of the Glaseado Gym, Grusha

Grusha used to be a professional snowboarder, but he is now the Gym Leader of the Glaseado Gym full-time. He is an Ice-type specialist who has Cetitan as his partner. He is usually coolheaded, but when battles get heated, he starts showing the emotions he usually keeps pushed down.

Grusha art
Gameplay screenshot, close-up of Grusha holding a Pokéball.Gameplay screenshot, Cetitan standing on an ice-covered Pokémon battle stadium with Grusha behind them in the background.